To my closest🎈

A warm hug to the birthday girl! Now that you are far away I would like to let you know how’s life without dd 🎈.

Never in my dreams I thought of picturing myself without you because you have been more like a sister to me. It was actually tough enough to go through …………

I always miss the scene of being comfortable and having a sound sleep but nothing.I missed you when I was standing alone and there was no hand of hope in front of me. I missed you when my miss call would not get you in my house within 10 min.

We shared our lives and made it worthy! It was you who always prioritized me over everything😊.

I am fantasized by your love and support throughout this 10 years. How fortunate I am to get a friend like you!!But ketul being far away is my greatest loss of all and in every single moment I would get a imaginary dd beside me✨.

Ofcourse, I know you are thankful for me😋 because without ‘me’ you are just ‘aweso’😁. Above all thanks for being a friend not only when it was convinient for you but also when it wasn’t.

Happy born day bestie💗
May the odds be in your favor✨✨✨
With love,
Your dd💗

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