Left the house where I rooted!


Change’ a mandatory substantial that never leaves you alone throughout your life. Life flips its coin and we undergo the circumstances which are almost unfavourable for an individual.

It can be in any form, from a relation to friendship, school to university, town to city or your home. I would rather call it my Home and not house as home carries emotions within.

No matter how strong you are there are certain change that thrusts your heart to an extreme level .A simple note to my home which was my 100% comfort zone…….

The walls which heard all the fear, anguish ,pain and laughter more than a human are still strong.

The windows that showed the beauty of nature and helped for a better interaction and formed a gratitude within us.

The floor that was always comfy and fit for everyone which allowed you to play barefeet freely.

The room from where the stars were visible and made our future brighter and peaceful.

The kitchen with the God’s grace that never left us starving throughout the journey.

The door that always welcomed us with love and shine always gave me a sigh of relief from all the chaos in life. No matter if other paths get closed but only assurance is a home where you are brought up.


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